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All the colors of the dark : a novel
The cliffs
Clammed Up
The American daughters : a novel
The Berlin letters : a Cold War novel
In sunshine or in shadow
Murder in a cup
Blind Dog Canyon
The paradise problem : a novel
In the hour of crows
Our little secret
Not in love : a novel
Family gatherings at Promise Lodge
The summer escape : a novel
Farewell, Amethystine
Just for the summer : a novel
Resurrection : a novel
Under the palms : a novel
Guns of the vigilantes
Never lie
Husbands & lovers : a novel
Love on a whim
Swan song
Same as it ever was
The memory of lavender and sage
An inconvenient letter
Montana reunion
Act of defiance
Lone Oaks crossing
This summer will be different
Night falls on Predicament Avenue
These tangled threads : a novel of Biltmore
Stuart Woods
Summer romance
The guncle abroad : a novel
Middle of the night : a novel
The next Mrs. Parrish : a novel
The midnight feast : a novel
Murder in Rose Hill
The summer we started over : a novel
All the glimmering stars : a novel
Circle in the water