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New Books
The wives : a memoir
One day this tree will fall
Carina Felina
The Fellowship of Puzzlemakers : a novel
My fair Brady
Where the dark stands still
Finding Margaret Fuller : a novel
Clear : a novel
Women of good fortune : a novel
Somehow : thoughts on love
The alternatives
Christa comes out of her shell
I cheerfully refuse : a novel
Honey : a novel
Who is Michael Phelps?
Toxic prey
It had to be you
The vacancy in room 10
What cannot be said
The gathering : a novel
One of us knows : a thriller
You know what you did : a novel
The night war
A better world : a novel
The limits
Shadow princess
The twilight garden : a novel
How to end a love story : a novel
Daughter of mine : a novel
The corpse in the closet
Courting Samira : a novel
A fatal affair
Deus X
Cougar clues