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New Books
The giver
Cuyahoga : a novel
Egg shooters
Walking with ghosts : a memoir
Prince Philip revealed
The Divines : a novel
The elephant
Anna, Elsa, and the secret river
The karate kid
Santa is coming to Pennsylvania
Puppy in my head : a book about mindfulness
Two can
Facing your fears : a Toy Story tale
Hornet vs. wasp
Hyena vs. Honey Badger
Jaguar vs. skunk
Fly back, Agnes
City of the plague god
Into the light
Do not let your dragon spread germs
Oops, I dropped the lemon tart
Matilda and Pearl
Snow White
The un-fairy
David gets in trouble
Snowman magic
The Great Reindeer Rebellion
Talent show mix-up
Because you
Driftwood Cove
Goodbye, Mr. Terupt
Fool for Love
The Fortunate Ones