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New Books
First : Sandra Day O
Queenie : a novel
Flora Forager ABC
Rocket to the moon! / Rocket to the Moon!
Injustice for all
Hey, water!
Escaping his grace
Too long at the dance
Mike Mignola
Court of lies
The good lie : a novel
The art show attacks!
The hall monitors are fired!
School freezes over!
Working in space
Becoming an astronaut
Lucy and the rocket dog
Starry, starry night
Cleopatra in space. Book four, The golden lion
Lumber Jills : the unsung heroines of World War II
What will Fat Cat sit on?
Sweeping up the heart
Just read!
This is a taco!
Ivy and the goblins
Skyward. Volume one,
Glory Road
The spaceship next door
Moby Dick